Why give out wedding favors

August 30, 2023

Why Give Out Wedding Favors? The Whimsical and Purposeful Tradition Explained

Ever wondered why you go home from a wedding with a cute little ornament, an attractively packaged treat, or a quirky household item?

It's a tradition as old as the nuptial knot itself and yet, the detail that often receives as much thought as the first dance song. We're talking about wedding favors - those small, unexpected delights that double as souvenirs and thank-yous, playing an almost vital role in the wedding goers' experience.

Favors serve as commemorative pieces, acting as micro vessels carrying the memories and essence of your joyous celebration. They are a token of appreciation from you to your loved ones for being an integral part of your lives and now, your celebration.

'Give a little to get a whole lot.' - Your Friendly Wedding Tradition Poker.

The What and Why of Wedding Favors

Wedding favors have deep-rooted historical significance. Originated from European aristocracy, they started as ornate trinkets bearing the couple's family crest, symbolizing wealth and royalty. With time, the trend spread and evolved, and they varied from sugared almonds, symbolizing well wishes, to now photograph-based momentos, succulents or customized coasters with the couple's initials.

The primary reason behind giving out wedding favors is gratitude. By handing over a tiny physical token, you appreciate your guests' presence, time, and, frankly, the joy they have added to your special day! But that's not where the perks of these presents end.

Wedding favors are also wonderful ice-breakers. A cleverly chosen souvenir can start engaging chats amongst your guests. It acts as a talking point and a signal that guests should loosen up, enjoy and participate in the celebration. Wedding favors add a personal touch, making your event memorable for your attendees and creating a lasting impression.

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