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In The Moment Photography

Your wedding pictures should reflect just how perfect your day went without any interruptions, not just poses your parents did for their old albums. Candid moments are really important for us and we are sure it's one of the things that you will love most about your pictures.

Cinematic Wedding Films

Years ago you would have to give your uncle a cassette recorder and tell him to record everything. This resulted in hours and hours of shaky footage that no one would ever see again. Now imagine your wedding being filmed just like they would in a movie set, now that... that's what we do.

online galleries and prints

Any other service you could find will give you a print or two and maybe even an album, but then forget about you. We don't work like that. After we take all of your pictures we store them in a gallery where you can view, print or make anything you want, anytime, anywhere.

Unique Locations

Be it in Puerto Rico or anywhere in the world we are proud to say that every single shoot we do is different and unique. Sometimes that involves hiking, swimming, jumping or going to your house to make sure we capture what makes you unique as a couple.

3 Week waiting period

In the past, getting through all the pictures, editing the videos and perfecting everything used to take a long time. We are working tirelessly to make sure you get your pictures and videos as soon as humanly possible so you can share them with the world.

so Much more...

We have so much more to show you but it just won't fit in this tiny boxes!

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OUR CLIENT's LOVE US and we love them


Miguel & Vanessa

New Jersey

"We are very happy to have chosen Febus Films to capture our wedding anniversary. We had a vision and they made the adventure happen."

Melisa & daniel

San Diego

"Not even a hurricane could stop Tito from making sure he had everything covered for our wedding in California."

Eunice & luis


"Amazing work! If your photographer can't come close to these guys don't even think about it!"

Sara & james


"When we first met Tito we knew immedietly he was a perfect fit for us. His explosive personality made us and the family feel very confortable around him."

Hector & zuki

San Francisco

"We clicked with the guys instantly! We were on a budget but din't want to compromise. We asked for a payment plan and that made it all work!"

Miguel & Michelly

San Juan

Tito and his team helped out in every last detail of the wedding day, even in things that had nothing to do with photography. We loved that!

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Get your own app,

Share your wedding gallery with your family and friends using a custom app they can download to their phones. Inside the gallery you can order a canvas, prints and so much more.

Exotic Engagement Sessions

Normal Engagement Sessions or Love Stories are boring. We do something different. While others just care about getting paid, we do everything we can to make sure your shoot is unique and exotic. We scout and explore incredible locations so your pictures and videos are like nothing anyone has ever seen before. Don't settle. Don't just pick a photographer or a videographer just because they are cheap, or because its your uncle or just because its a friend who is doing it for free with their "Professional Camera".
Treat your day how it deserves to be treated, one of the most important days in your life!

Our awesome Team
meet the people behind it

Our awesome team

Tito Febus

Lead Photographer/videographer

Jayson Sierra

Contracted Videographer

ALbert Burgos

COntracted Photographer

Kianna Estrella


JAime Ortiz

unique services

Lets talk about what makes us different.

We do everything we can to be different. We try to leave a mark in every couple we meet and make sure we make their dreams come true, regardless of what makes sense to us or to everyone else. That's why we offer things like payment plans and "pay when delivered" services so you can feel secure and assured that you will be getting what you paid for in a timely manner.

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