Why Choosing a Micro Wedding Can Be Your Best Decision

December 3, 2023

Why Choosing a Micro Wedding Can Be Your Best Decision

Roll up folks, it's time for some truth juice! Weddings are wonderful, grand spectacles of love and commitment. But, sometimes that extravagance feels too...extra. We're here to sing praises for a more intimate contender – the micro wedding. If you aren’t super sure about what ‘micro’ implies, fear not! Febus Films, the go-to wedding photo and video company in Central Florida, got you covered.

In essence, a micro wedding is a shindig with considerably fewer guests (under 50). Now, you might be thinking, "Does this 'micro' thing make it somehow less of a 'wedding'?" "Is it really my best decision?" Oh, sweetheart, we can't wait to blow your mind!

Before we move forward, let us say it loud and clear, a micro wedding isn't necessarily linked to being ‘budget-friendly’ or 'cheap'. Remember, small isn't synonymous with ‘lesser’ – it's about 'more', more memories, more personal touches, more joy.

"True love doesn't happen right away; it's an ever-growing process. It develops after you've gone through many ups and downs, when you've suffered together, cried together, laughed together." - Ricardo Montalban

The Benefits of Micro Weddings

So, why should you join this micro wedding revolution? Let's break it down with some easy-to-digest bites of wisdom, shall we?

Isn’t it lovely to spend your wedding day with folks who genuinely love and care for both, you and your future spouse? That’s what micro weddings offer! An intimate circle who are thrilled to share in your joy—not because it's another open bar opportunity, but because you truly mean the world to them.

And guess what? More intimacy equals less stress! No need to fret about impressing distant relatives, pleasing everyone with a five-course meal, or needing to invite your cousin's ex-mother-in-law's pet poodle. Sound good? We thought so!

It's All About You with Febus Films

The best part about a micro wedding? It's all about you-two. Your love story. Your day. You are the headline act in the intimate concert of love. And who better to capture these raw, emotional moments than Febus Films?

At Febus Films, we know the beauty of intimacy. As a husband and wife team running a wedding photo and video company in Central Florida, we, Tito and Kianna, capture not just the events, but the emotions, the smiles, and the love that fills every frame.

So whether you dream of a beach wedding with the sunset backdrop or a quaint ceremony under the stars, Febus Films will be there to ensure your micro wedding in Central Florida is nothing short of magical. After all, size doesn’t matter; love does. Find more information or contact us by clicking here.

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