How to create your wedding timeline.

February 16, 2024

How to create your wedding timeline - A Step by Step Guide

You’re ready to say, “I do”. The venue is booked, the cake sampled, and the RSVPs are rolling in. Now, all that’s left is the sticky detail of planning the perfect wedding timeline. But, no worries, Tito and Kianna from Febus Films are here to guide you through it in the most fun and witty style.

We believe that love is in the details and the well-timed moments are the ones you treasure forever. So, let's dive into your day of matrimonial splendor, without any scary words like 'budget' or 'cheap'.

A Picture-Perfect Timeline

Begin your day with about 2 hours allocated to getting ready and those intimate first looks. This is your moment to soak in the anticipation, spend some quality time with your bridal party, and allow us to capture those spontaneous reactions.

Now that your glam squad has worked their magic, let us move on to the formal pictures. A generous 30-minute slot will allow you to get these obligatory poses out of the way. This is the time for your family and wedding party to get in the frame, looking their absolute best.

The Main Event

Onward to the ceremony, the heart of your big day. It's your love story, not a production of Hamlet, so keep it simple and genuine. Aiming for roughtly an hour here would hit the sweet spot. It lets you savour the moment without making your guests restless.

"A well-planned wedding is a wonderful celebration of love, not a test of endurance."

Cocktail and Clicks

After the ceremony, a 1-hour cocktail sounds about right. By now, your guests are ready to relax and mingle while we whisk the newlyweds away for a mini photo session. This is a great opportunity for us to capture the nuances of the venue and the romantic candid moments between the couple. Meanwhile, you'll still have enough time to enjoy some cocktail hour hors d'oeuvres and interactions.

And then, it's party time! With the formalities out of the way, it’s time to aim your dancing shoes towards the dance floor and let loose. You've worked hard for this. Celebrate!

A Timeline Tailored to You

At Febus Films, we understand that each love story is unique, and so should be your wedding timeline. Our goal is to weave your story into the heart of your wedding day, ensuring it feels like your day, not a generic run-of-events. The timeline we’ve outlined here is purely a guide. Mix it, match it, twist it, and tweak it to make it your own!

Tito and Kianna at Febus Films are dedicated to capturing your day beautifully. Based in Central Florida, we specialize in wedding photography and videography, with fun and love at the heart of each capture. Let us help you create and capture your perfect wedding timeline.

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