"Choosing the Right Style: Traditional vs. Candid Wedding Photography and Videography"

March 15, 2024

Choosing the Right Style: Traditional vs. Candid Wedding Photography and Videography

The colossal day is approaching! Hordes of butterflies have booked a permanent stay in your stomach. The fluttering aroma of love is in the air. You and your soulmate are ready to embark on the blissful journey of wedded unity. But wait, there’s one major ponderation playing tug of war in your head. What photography and videography style to select for capturing the timeless memories? Let's dive into the world of Traditional and Candid Wedding Photography and Videography.

But first, put on your party hats, for we're about to make this choice as simple as slicing the wedding cake!

At Febus Films, Tito and Kianna, a dynamic duo otherwise known as the lovestruck husband and wife team, are here to ensure your fairytale day is captured frame-by-frame, from all the right angles!

"Life is like a camera. Just focus on what's important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don't work out, just take another shot."

Every Picture Tells a Story: The Traditional Route

Just as its name suggests, traditional wedding photography and videography weave the classic tale of your love story. This style typically involves posed shots with the couple looking at the camera, all smiles and roses. Think of the classic wedding shots – the newlyweds emerging from the church, the kiss, the first dance - oh, the romance!

These are the shots that capture the grandeur, the decor, the details, and the frivolities in a highly arranged manner. This style allows Tito and Kianna, your photography wizards, to use their expertise in setting the stage, curating the lighting, organizing people, and directing poses for those picture-perfect memories.

If you're someone who seek timeless, well-posed shots that follow a structured approach, then traditional wedding photography could be the key to unlocking your picture-perfect wedding.

Caught in the Moment: The Candid Charm

In contrast to its traditional cousin, candid wedding photography and videography shift the lens from staged moments to spontaneous emotions. This style, often praised for its natural and authentic portrayal, captures people unaware, engrossed in laughter, tears, joy and everything in between during your special day.

Candid shots have a certain personal touch, a wonderfully unique charm that encapsulates the essence of a fleeting emotion, an unscripted action, or a surprised reaction. So, if you're someone who cherishes 'real' moments and raw emotions, candid wedding photography could be your photo-finish finish line.

At Febus Films, we believe that every wedding has a story to tell, and our goal is to tell that story through the eyes of our cameras. Whether you lean towards traditional or candid style, rest assured, your wedding day will be captured exquisitely, striking the perfect balance between planned moments and impromptu emotional reactions.

Can't Decide? Let Febus Films Help You

You might be someone who likes a tint of tradition in your grand portraits, but also yearns to capture the unexpected, magical moments in candid shots. Guess what? You can have the best of both worlds!

At Febus Films, we're pros at capturing a blend of traditional posed shots sprinkled with candid moments. With us, you can have your cake and eat it too, and we promise it will taste as good as your wedding day feels! Strike a pose and let us capture your unguarded moments to make your wedding story as unique as you are.

So, talk to us about your unique love story, let us understand your vision, and we'll serve you an unforgettable photographic medley that is a perfect blend of the right kind of spice. Remember, no matter the style you choose, each click of our camera aims to freeze the moment and make you fall in love, over and over again.

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