"Capturing the Intimate Moments of Your Micro Wedding: Photography Tips and Inspiration"

January 15, 2024

"Creating Artistic Wedding Portraits: Elevating Your Wedding Photography"

Capturing the Intimate Moments of Your Micro Wedding: Photography Tips and Inspiration

Everyone says that your wedding day flies by in a flash – that’s where the dynamic duo of Tito and Kianna at Febus Films swoop in to save the day! As a Central Florida wedding photo and video team, this husband-wife powerhouse specializes in capturing those intimate, fleeting moments of micro weddings that make your heart flutter and your eyes glisten. They are not about creating staged-scenarios; they are about encapsulating the magical spontaneity and raw emotions of your micro wedding into timeless photographic memories.

In the era of keeping things small (and oh-so-gorgeous!), micro weddings are rising in popularity – and for good reasons! Incorporating an intimate setting, close-knit group, and personalized details, micro weddings allow couple to truly express their love on their terms. And what's more intimate than a wedding that's small by design?

Let's dive into some great photography tips for capturing your micro wedding:

Remember, laugh-lines and tears make the best photographs, period. Let emotions flow freely through the day and don’t hold back those tears of joy or laughter just for a perfect picture. Embrace the imperfections; they bring out the authentic you!

For inspiration, think outside the box. Don't remain confined to the traditional shots. Try something whimsical by incorporating elements related to your story as a couple - the place you first met, your favorite date spot, or even your beloved pets. Stuff that’s personal to both parties, and could spark a memory every time you glance at that picture.

“A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.” - Ansel Adams

How Febus Films Can Capture Your Micro Wedding

​Tito and Kianna, the power-couple behind Febus Films, are all about capturing your real emotions on the wedding day. They act more like undercover agents, observing and capturing moments of warmth and connection without being intrusive. They pay genuine attention to every single detail that makes your day special. Their mission? To provide a perceptive, artistic narrative of your love story, where emotions and memories live forever in their imagery.

Should you choose Febus Films, you get more than just pictures and videos. You get a keepsake that tells a story - your love story, from exchanging vows, sharing your first dance to the tears of joy and laughter shared with your loved ones on your special day. As wedding storytellers, they'll capture anything and everything that’s worth remembering, while you're too busy making memories.

So, future Mr. and Mrs., if you are dreaming of a micro wedding, let Febus Films be the storyteller of your special day. From the blush on your cheeks, the twinkle in your eyes, the squeeze of your partner's hand to the tear rolling down your grandpa’s cheek – they make sure to capture these moments with emotional sensitivity and an artistic lens.

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